DAVE DIND – Environment Artist

I am 3D artist with a career focus on environment art

Office Environment (City Archives)

This project is based on a concept by Artyom Vlaskin. The goal was to see if I could create a modular, playable level using primarily 2 textures for both the architecture and props.

Download the playable level HERE (680MB)

Professional Works

True And The Rainbow Kingdom

I was a Surfacing Artist on seasons 1 & 2 and Lead Surfacing Artist on seasons 3 & 4. I was only responsible for the surfacing in the images below.

CSI: Slots

Locations, mini games, and clickable assets that I created for the Gameloft mobile title CSI: SLOTS.

Everything was created in 3ds Max and rendered using Mental Ray unless otherwise noted. Locations received a 2D pass for click effects and other visual touches, for which I was not responsible.

EPIC: The Official Mobile Game

I created 3D assets for the game adaption of the film “Epic” by Bluesky Animation. All 3D assets were painted over by a team of 2D artists.